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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security Features and Implementation Best Practices

While industry experts rate it to have tools and features like no other provider – the true remarkability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is fairly unknown to the actual user organizations. Infolob recognizes this lack of awareness and therefore, we are conducting a series of webinars that demonstrate various aspects that make OCI an irresistible proposition for all organizations’ cloud aspirations. So far, we have covered:

Part 1: Why Migrate Apps to OCI
Part 2: Oracle E-Business Suite on OCI
Part 3: Oracle E-Business Suite on OCI for Public Sector
Part 4: Apps & DB Migration Methods and Deployment Options on OCI

Part 5: On June 10, 2021, our IaaS/PaaS Managing Director, Mr. Satyendra Pasalapudi, demonstrated OCI security services for our audiences. He showcased how OCI puts security of critical workloads at the center of second-generation infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings that are architected on security-first design principles.

These principles include isolated network virtualization and pristine physical host deployment, which provide superior customer isolation compared to earlier public cloud designs and reduced risk from advanced persistent threats.


Explore OCI Gen 2 Security features and how one can implement/leverage them for running Enterprise Applications on OCI with utmost security.


  • OCI Gen2 – Security First Design
  • OCI Platform Security
  • OCI Secure Connectivity Options
  • OCI Operational Security
  • Data and Application Protection
  • OCI Cloud Guard overview
  • Infolob’s OCI Security Best Practices


Security is among the most common concerns we come across whenever talking to a new client who has cloud aspirations. With Gen 2 OCI features and functionalities, we have managed to impress a number of such clientele. I will reveal some of those OCI security value propositions as well as demonstrate how to implement them to run your enterprise applications with strong security measures in the current times of highly sophisticated cyber threats.