Why Choose Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) extends a native, user-managed, VMware-based cloud environment—with 360-degree control via the familiar VMware tools—for seamlessly migrating, extending, and running VMware-based workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) without the need for applications re-architecting or operations retooling. Oracle Cloud delivers this enterprise-class, production-proven service for the joint VMware–Oracle customers to generate substantial value from the systems performance, operational agility, and cost savings.

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Oracle Cloud VMware Solution for natively running VMware workloads on Oracle Cloud

Lift/shift large VMware estates: OCVS empowers customers to migrate VMware workloads to OCI exclusive of any due alterations. Customers readily achieve scalability and agility while they continue with their existing investments in VMware-based capabilities, processes, and policies.

Choosing when to innovate: Move applications to Oracle Cloud now, and modernize your applications with Oracle Autonomous Database and other innovations later with OCVS.

Run enterprise and ISV applications in Oracle Cloud: Oracle Cloud VMware Solution allows production applications compatible with VMware to run on the enterprise-grade Oracle servers.

On-demand disaster recovery: OCVS is available for deployment in all Oracle Cloud Regions worldwide for customers to backup/replicate to any location of their choice.

OCVS is verified by VMware Cloud: Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is verified for running VMware Cloud Foundation on Oracle’s second-generation infrastructure while preserving customers’ full administrative access for VMware, as well as the support for VMware vCenter. Note: OCVS also has the esteemed FedRAMP High, DISA Impact Level 5 certifications.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution: What is more on the ‘control’ of the newly dedicated environment?

Absolute control over the Oracle Cloud: Oracle Cloud VMware Solution offers customers easy manual provisioning with complete administrative privileges including root access to software/hardware environment.

Strictly isolated environment: OCVS is a single, independent-tenant service, ideal for workloads that require isolated infrastructure while bypassing resource contention common in multi-tenant environments.

Always-on’ security of Oracle Cloud: Eliminate all the threats with OCI’s security-first architecture that harnesses architected-in tenant isolation, zero privilege access, and encryption at flight/rest. There are zero security implications to take note of with OCVS, as the access is private and completely under customers’ control.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution: Negligeable change management

Application management that VMware customers are already acquainted with: VMware-driven applications deployed on-premises can be maintained in an identical way on OCI via a simple, unified view.

Zero labor and expense on training: Customers can harness their current talent for the tools they are leveraging on-premises, such as vSphere, vSAN, vCenter Server, NSX, HCX, etc.

Effortless migration: Customers can expand their tested on-premises IT architectures together with the processes to Oracle Cloud, followed by configuring their new environment to equalize on-premises and maintain synchronization.

Harness the best practices for VMware: Count on the VMware best practices with native tool collaboration and mitigate disruption while migrating to the cloud.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution: Ease, right off the shelf!

Sidestep code alteration in applications: Customers can depend on a particular VMware specification that supports both cloud and on-premises. Get rid of the time, overhead, and labor requirements of applications porting, code alteration, or fixing configuration mismatch.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution: Parallel use of Oracle Cloud services

Container and componentization: Transform segments or the entire application stacks via native and enterprise-grade access to Kubernetes and Oracle Functions.

Access the world’s no. 1 databases: Ramp up service levels and minimize costs with Oracle Databases that subsume a wide array of converged cloud databases including Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle NoSQL Database, and Oracle JSON Database, Oracle MySQL Database with HeatWave, and more.

Data Science and BI: Customers can readily access robust business intelligence and data science competencies while utilizing state-of-the-art bare metal or VM GPUs.

Elastic and powerful instances: Handle the most challenging workloads with the latest elastic E3 compute shapes, wherein customers decide the number of cores needed, i.e., 1-64 OCPUs across Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA-based bare metal systems.

Connectivity: Lightning fast, dependable, and protected networking for performance and latency-sensitive workloads including OLTP, real-time analytics, HPC, streaming, etc. And, ‘FastConnect’ for cost-efficient internal connectivity to resources in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

Multiplicity of storage options: Enterprises can effectively satisfy their unique storage requirements with Oracle Cloud’s object, block, archive, file, and NVMe (local) storage options.