VMware Site Recovery Manager in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution – VMware Disaster Recovery

With the recent inclusion of VMware Site Recovery Manager—a premier disaster recovery (DR) solution for VMware workloads—Oracle Cloud VMware Solution (OCVS) is now rendered into a more comprehensive package for Oracle and VMware’s mutual customers. To start afresh, OCVS is a customer-driven, ‘VMware Cloud Verified’ environment combining vSphere, vSAN, NSX-T, vCenter Server, and Oracle Cloud. Available globally in 34 Oracle Cloud Regions with a target to reach at least 44 by the end of the year 2022, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is conveniently deployable via an existing Virtual Cloud Network (VCN). This is paired with virtual machines (VM) accommodated in the software-defined data center (SDDC) consolidating into Oracle Cloud’s native services including Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Exadata, and more.

The essence of the availability of VMware Site Recovery in OCVS

OCVS uniquely offers Oracle and VMware customers full-fledged root/administrative access translating into end-to-end control, coupled with the competency to enforce zero-trust security policies/protocols.

The subsuming of VMware Site Recovery Manager into OCVS was anticipated by most businesses striving to mitigate the risks and the costs associated with DR, as it can entirely discard the need for a dedicated site for disaster recovery. It can further equate to:

  • Fostering streamlined scaling and flexibility of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution in conjunction with the automation in Site Recovery Manager

  • Enrichment of disaster recovery by enabling businesses to replicate their VMs, formulate dynamic recovery plans, and non-disruptively test to shepherd recovery readiness

Field-testing VMware Site Recovery Manager in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

VMware Site Recovery Manager can be readily configured and dispensed within less than a few hours. In combination, vSphere Replication—often deployed as virtual appliances—is installed at the origin and target sites to guarantee neither of the sites has dependencies on one another during a disaster. This is also why VMware Site Recovery Manager necessitates a vCenter server at both of the concerned locations.

Besides, due to the expensive nature of the recovery site resources, the integration of VMware Site Recovery Manager with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution’s dynamic, on-demand scalability crucially leads to a perfect combination of cost and time for recovery. In other words, it allows the recovery site resources to be stockpiled at a minimal level, and later to be expanded once the demand arises.

Advantages of using VMware Site Recovery Manager in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

  1. VMware Site Recovery Manager orchestrates the failover process across on-premises and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and amongst Oracle Cloud VMware Solution instances

  2. Automating workflows abstracts errors innate to manual processing, and hence, minimizes complexity

  3. This integration also enables users to test their recovery plans disturbance-free as frequently as needed, resulting in augmented predictability of recovery times, and therefore, the degree of confidence/legitimacy in the recovery plan

  4. Characteristically disruption-free recovery plan tests also refrain from affecting the protected VMs together with replication, and the recovery points

  5. Replication is the single-most-important segment in disaster recovery, which is why VMware Site Recovery Manager in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution fosters seamless leveraging of vSphere Replication to migrate VM data across source and target sites

  6. vSphere Replication extends per-VM level replication across any v-Sphere-compatible storage

  7. vSphere Replication fosters traffic compression and encryption, OS quiescing, and numerous point-in-time snapshots – hugely effective against ransomware attacks

Eliminating DR complexity with VMware Site Recovery Manager in OCVS

VMware Site Recovery Manager streamlines the onboarding and in-progress management of recovery and migration plans by equipping customers to replace conventional, manual runbooks with unified recovery plans while converting weeks of provisioning and configuration jobs into minutes.

Furthermore, VMware Site Recovery Manager in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is compatible for interoperating of various versions of vCenter – boosting user-friendliness. This is on top of VMware Site Recovery Manager’s compatibility with innumerable VM recovery options. VMs are also activated in the precise order needed by applications. And, if required by the recovery, VMware Site Recovery Manager in OCVS can also personalize VMs’ IP addresses. VMware Site Recovery Manager in Oracle Cloud VMware Solution also offers businesses the competency to run scripts either on their server at the recovery site, or on the recovered VMs as a segment of the recovery process.