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Best Cloud Options for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

On-premises E-Business Suite today has two realities: what it is capable of, and what it is actually delivering. Closing this gap is possible only through the cloud. Here are your options.

1. Oracle EBS on Private Cloud Infrastructure

By sustaining a few downsides — like a CapEx or the complexity of owning/managing a DC — businesses can carry on with their existing on-premises EBS environments. All they need to do is assess and accordingly upgrade to the latest possible functionalities. This can not only help them with the gap closure but also save them from falling far behind competitors who already have their EBS on Oracle Cloud.

Note: Oracle Premier Support is also approaching its end for Oracle EBS 12.1, exposing businesses to compliance, security, and no-support risks. More reasons to act soon.

2. E-Business Suite on the Pre-Managed Oracle Cloud@Customer

This option from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s public cloud stands out for multiple reasons. First, it sits behind the customer firewall. Second, it resolves the long ongoing tug-of-war between scale and latency. Third, it makes compliance surrounding data privacy, residency, and sovereignty seamless. Fourth, businesses with reservations related to risk, physical security, etc., can still choose a public cloud. And, five, all of it comes at the same price as Oracle’s regular public cloud services, including Oracle Fusion Applications and Exadata (ExaCS).

Therefore, running Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud@Customer means consolidated applications and databases on high-caliber infrastructure implemented in the enterprise data center. And, this cloud option for Oracle EBS comprises end-to-end tools and services for architecting and upgrading cloud-native applications powered by AI and other emerging technologies.

5 Benefits of Running EBS on Cloud@Customer

3. Oracle E-Business Suite on a Global Public Cloud

Oracle Cloud’s global data center presence makes a strong case for EBS owners looking for compliance, security, and sovereignty of a local public cloud. Plus, it comes at zero CapEx. Explore.

Levels of Brilliance

IaaS: Securing the lead spot in price-performance, Oracle’s compute services offer flexible and cost-effective computing power for hosting both application and database tiers. You can deploy these on OCI Compute virtual machines or on separate instances, and even utilize load balancing across multiple application tiers with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Load Balancing option.

IaaS + PaaS: One step up, Oracle Cloud’s infrastructure and database can collectively optimize your EBS while easing provisioning database configurations with VMs, Bare Metal, RAC, etc. 

IaaS + PaaS + SaaS: The total Oracle Cloud package for Oracle E-Business Suite applications essentially means a high-performance, fully managed, and secured ecosystem for your business at a globally standardized pricing.

4. Oracle EBS on Non-OCI Public Clouds

Exploring the shift of E-Business Suite to other cloud providers is an option. Yet, focusing on the advantages of Oracle’s DNA in EBS, Oracle databases, and OCI is crucial. Oracle’s ecosystem provides a highly adaptable and scalable cloud solution — granting full infrastructure control and the ability to scale per EBS’ changing needs. Unlike other hyperscalers, OCI ensures hassle-free server maintenance, eradicating concerns regarding outdated hardware impacting performance and security.

How is OCI Advantageous over Other Cloud Service Providers:

Takeaways on Moving EBS to the Cloud

Oracle cloud infrastructure equips EBS users with the next-level experiences surrounding upgrades, mobility, productivity, and cost containment. All while yielding indomitable security, streamlined integration, and what EBS is truly capable of, consistently.

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